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Investment Funds

PvB Pernet von Ballmoos AG is supervised as a fund management company by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA and is owned by the managing partners. We structure and operate investment funds as fiduciary agents for our clients.

  • General contractor for fund projects involving all type of assets: Alternative and traditional investments, private market investments and real estate
  • Governance, business management, administration, risk management and compliance 
  • Re-domiciliation of foreign funds to Switzerland

We strive to avoid any conflict of interest and we therefore do not have any third party shareholders whose interests may not coincide with those of our customers. Flexibility is not just a phrase for us: we adapt to the processes of our clients (the fund sponsors) - and not vice versa.

Open Architecture 
Fund sponsors are free to choose the custodian bank and other counterparties (brokers, SLB, FX, derivatives, etc.). In addition, fund sponsors benefit from our broad network of distribution partners and the corresponding distribution agreements.

We organize and monitor the cooperation of all parties involved and ensure cost transparency in the fund network.

Please contact Philippe Keller or Christian von Ballmoos at +41 44 205 51 51 to find out more.

Outsourcing Partner

  • Governance
  • Risk management 
  • Compliance
  • Investment controlling
  • Mid-office
  • Portfolio (mirror) accounting and/or administration

Please contact Philippe Keller or Christian von Ballmoos under +41 44 205 51 51 for further information.

Platform for Portfolio Managers

PvB has established processes in the areas of compliance, risk management, administration and mid-office. These processes not only allow the management of PvB's own investment funds, but can also be used by portfolio managers who do not wish to establish their own FINMA regulated company for the management of collective investment schemes.

PvB employs these portfolio managers in a dedicated profit centre and enables them to manage the assets for institutional clients or for funds in a FINMA regulated environment. PvB considers this offer as regulatory and administrative seeding.

Please contact Philippe Keller or Christian von Ballmoos at +41 44 205 51 51 to find out more.


Switzerland has a liberal regime for the distribution of foreign funds towards qualified investors. Based on our FINMA licence as a fund management company, we not only represent foreign funds distributed to qualified investors, but also obtain FINMA approval for distribution to non-qualified investors on behalf of foreign funds.

Please contact Philippe Keller at +41 44 205 51 53 to find out more.